You can hear the call of the playground kids when it's about to go down behind the gymnasium: Fight! The whole school goes running. Sadly, kind of hilariously, it's no different for adults. We see an NBA "fight" trending on Twitter, and we all go running. 

It was Milwaukee's Brook Lopez vs. Sacramento's Trey Lyles on Monday night. There had been chirping all game. Lopez was visibly heated for much of the second half. Then, as the final ticks were winding down on the Bucks' 132-124 win, Lyles got needlessly testy with Giannis Antetokounmpo (well, I shouldn't say it was needless; Giannis definitely didn't need to tauntingly dribble right in front of him when there was very clearly emotions boiling on both sides) as he was dribbling out the clock, before finally shoving the two-time MVP. 

Lopez didn't like the shove one bit. 

And the next thing you knew, it was on. 

Let's go inside the scrum for a closer look at the combat. 

As usual, nothing came of this fight. But Lyles did appear to have Lopez by the throat for a second, and Lopez, by NBA fight standards, certainly appeared ready to rumble. He had a cut over his eye for all the cinematic effect. The good news is Domantas Sabonis, one of the strongest dudes in the league, got in between thee two. We'll see what fines come of this one.