For nearly the entire season, James Harden has been the front-runner for the MVP award. A two-time runner-up, Harden has been phenomenal, averaging 30.9 points (first in the league), 8.9 assists and 5.2 rebounds, while shooting 38 percent from 3-point land. His impressive play has helped the Rockets to a 51-13 record, which is the best mark in the league. 

But in recent weeks, Anthony Davis has forced his way into the MVP conversation. The big man averaged an incredible 35 points and 13 rebounds in February, and has put the Pelicans on his back since DeMarcus Cousins went down with a torn Achilles. They're currently riding a 10-game winning streak, and are now fourth in the Western Conference at 38-26. 

And as it turns out, players across the league are paying attention. Speaking to media on Thursday ahead of the Warriors' matchup with the Spurs, Draymond Green said he's been most impressed with the Pelicans this season. He also noted that while Harden has been incredible, Davis has the potential to swoop in and steal the MVP from him. Via ESPN:

"Houston is having a good [season], but I'm most impressed with New Orleans," Green said after shootaround on Thursday. "With some of the games they won, with some of the numbers that AD has put up, has been incredible and they're doing that without DeMarcus. I think there was kind of a consensus around the world that once DeMarcus went out, that they'd struggle, and yet, AD is putting them boys on his back ...That's impressive."

"If [New Orleans] keeps winning at the rate they're winning and he keeps playing at the rate he's playing, who knows what happens," Green said. "What I will say is, James has been second two times. And both of those years, he's lost to like historic seasons. The season of Steph's year, Steph was just off the chart. And then Russ had like 57 triple-doubles last year. The two years that he's come in second, he's lost two in like these historical years.

"You knew it wouldn't be long before he actually does pull through and win one, and then I know if you're him, you're sitting there like, 'Man, now here come AD putting up different historical stat lines every night.' But James has had a great year. Their team is performing great. So, I don't know what happens, but he's put himself in the best position he possibly can, that's for sure."

Unfortunately for Davis, his strong run -- which has included eight games of at least 38 points since the start of February -- has hit a bit of a snag. The big man sprained his ankle in the Pelicans' victory over the Kings on Wednesday night, and he is day-to-day.