'Uncle Spliffy' Cliff Robinson aims high with new marijuana business

Say hello to 'Uncle Spliffy.' (Getty Images)
Say hello to 'Uncle Spliffy.' (Getty Images)

Former Portland Trail Blazers forward Clifford Robinson has had an active post-NBA career. He was on the hit reality show Survivor, where he finished 14th and was the fifth player to be voted off the show that season. He was a part of a team assembled by Dennis Rodman to go to North Korea and play the North Korean National Team in celebration of Kim Jong-un's birthday in 2014.

Now he wants to enter the next phase of his post-playing career. The Detroit Free Press tells us Robinson, 49, is now a marijuana advocate and will be a speaker at the Cannabis Collaborative Conference in early February in Portland, Oregon. He also plans to begin a grow operation in Oregon later this year and is calling himself "Uncle Spliffy" -- a play on his 'Uncle Cliffy' nickname. 

Nowadays, Robinson, 49, is promoting marijuana, and will be a feature speaker at the Cannabis Collaborative Conference on Feb. 3-4 in Portland, Ore., where Robinson played for the Trail Blazers from 1989-97.

“I think I’ve always been an advocate for cannabis,” Robinson told KOIN 6 News in Portland. “(It's) calming, calm my stomach, calm my nerves a little bit. So from that standpoint, I see a lot of positives.”

Here's Robinson discussing his new venture and his interest in cannabis.

Once a Blazer always a Blazer, you know?

Robinson was arrested for a DUI and marijuana possession in 2001. That earned him a one-game suspension while playing for the Phoenix Suns. As a member of the Golden State Warriors in 2005, he was suspended five games for violating the league's anti-drug policy and another five games in 2006, as a member of the New Jersey Nets, for the same thing. Robinson was a member of the Portland Trail Blazers for the first eight years of his 18-year NBA career.

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