ATLANTA -- The Rams and Patriots just set a record, playing the lowest-scoring Super Bowl in NFL history. There were just three points scored in the first half and three more in the third quarter as Super Bowl LIII entered the fourth quarter tied 3-3. Then the Patriots offense exploded, putting up 10 points and completely shutting down the Rams offense to finish the game with a 13-3 win and their sixth Super Bowl title.

Here's a quick look at the now top six lowest-scoring Super Bowls in NFL history. 

1. Super Bowl LIII: Patriots 13-3 over Rams

Total points: 16

This game was all Julian Edelman and the Patriots defense, as the team's No. 1 receiver took home MVP honors and Bill Belichick's defense held the Rams to only three points in 60 minutes. Read more about the defensive gem in our Super Bowl takeaways.

2. Super Bowl VII: Dolphins 14-7 over Redskins

Total points: 21

This game is mostly remembered as the Super Bowl that capped the first and only completely perfect season in NFL history. The seven-point win allowed the Dolphins to finish the year 17-0. The Dolphins probably should have won this game 14-0, but an ugly error by kicker Garo Yepremian allowed the Redskins to score their only touchdown of the game. 


3. Super Bowl XI: Steelers 16-6 over Vikings

Total points: 22

This game actually holds the Super Bowl record for fewest points in a first half. After two quarters in this game, the Steelers led the Vikings 2-0. The Steelers won this game thanks to the Steel Curtain and Franco Harris, who rushed for 158 yards and a touchdown. 

4. Super Bowl III: Jets 16-7 over Colts

Total points: 23

Joe Namath guaranteed a win in this game, but he definitely didn't make any guarantees about how many points would be scored. Namath threw for 206 yards in a game that's still considered one of the biggest upsets in NFL history. 

5. Super Bowl VI: Cowboys 24-3 over Dolphins

Total points: 27

The Cowboys' first Super Bowl win came in one of the lowest scoring Super Bowls in NFL history. Roger Staubach threw for 119 yards and two touchdowns as Dallas rolled to a win over Miami. 

6. Super Bowl V: Colts 16-13 over Cowboys

Total points: 29

This was the first Super Bowl ever that came down to a game-winning field goal as the Colts didn't clinch the win in Super Bowl V until Jim O'Brien's 32-yard field goal went through the uprights in the waning seconds of the fourth quarter.