A lot of very small human beings can sit around and ask for Santa Claus to bring "X" gift, and a lot of them will be horribly disappointed. But the small fraction who asked the big guy to show up with a "Dontari Poe passing touchdown" are elated, because magic happened in a big way on Christmas night.

With the Chiefs up big against the Broncos and Denver possessing no way to come back, Kansas City went with something you would expect to see from "Little Giants" and let Poe, who has a long history of scoring touchdowns throw the dang ball.

This is something silly out of Urban Meyer's playbook, a throw by Tim Tebow that looks utterly ridiculous except now it's being executed by a gigantic 300-pound man deep in a divisional rivalry. Actually, 300 pounds is selling Poe short; the Chiefs list him at a whopping 346 pounds!

Poe blew up on the national scene with a tremendous combine. Now he's become the most utilized guy in the history of defensive linemen, at least in terms of being asked to do lots of things from an offensive standpoint.

The big man now has a rushing touchdown in each of the last two years and can add a passing touchdown to those impeccable stats.