The Dallas Cowboys are the most valuable franchise in all of sports, according to Sportico. The team is estimated to have a value of $7.64 billion which, according to the Sportico report, is $630 million more than MLB's New York Yankees are worth.

Sportico's financial estimations for every NFL came from "interviews with more than 30 bankers, lawyers, team executives, owners and consultants involved in the sport, as well as public documents."

The report found that the average NFL franchise is worth $4.1 billion, a healthy 18 percent increase from 2021. A total of 16 NFL teams have an estimated value of $4 billion. To put that in perspective, there are only four NBA franchises and three MLB franchises that have a value of at least $4 billion

The top 10 most valuable NFL franchises are as follows:

The Cincinnati Bengals, who played in the most recent Super Bowl, are the least valuable NFL franchise at $2.84 billion.

Notably, the Cowboys, Patriots and Rams all have real estate development and various other businesses that help boost their value.