The Dolphins' excursion to London didn't go well. They didn't just lose to the Saints on Sunday, they were also shut out by a defense that's probably been the worst in football for the past few seasons. Everyone on the Dolphins' offense struggled -- including, of course, quarterback Jay Cutler.

Despite Cutler's struggles, he still has his job. After the game, Dolphins coach Adam Gase shut down the idea he's going to bench Cutler for backup Matt Moore.

"It's not time to panic," Gase said, per "We've been way worse than this. We want to figure out what's going on and fix it, that's really the only thing we're concerned about ... we've got the guys here, we're just trying out what's going on, why are we stumbling?"

It wasn't just Week 4. The Dolphins, after winning their season opener against the Chargers, have been a mess in their past two games. Against the Jets a week ago, the Dolphins were shut out until the final play of the game, when Cutler hit Devante Parker for a garbage time touchdown. So, in their past two weeks, the Dolphins have scored six total points against the Jets and Saints. That's not ideal -- hence the questions about the quarterback situation.

There's no doubt Cutler has struggled after a strong debut -- he had a 70.3 passer rating last week and a 71.1 rating Sunday -- but the Dolphins' diminishing results aren't entirely on him. The offensive line has struggled, so has the running game, and Gase isn't exactly living up to his "offensive genius" reputation by repeatedly calling for screens and short passes that simply aren't working. In short, the Dolphins have a ton of issues -- including their hectic travel schedule due to Hurricane Irma. Cutler is one of those issues, but he's not the only one. The solution to the Dolphins' problems isn't Matt Moore, a subpar NFL quarterback. It's more complicated than one player.

Next up for the Dolphins? Their first actual home game against the Titans. Maybe going home will help them right the (sinking) ship. If not, expect the calls for Moore to get even louder. If there's one thing fans love to unite against, it's Jay Cutler.