NFL: Miami Dolphins at Cincinnati Bengals

The Cincinnati Bengals' 27-15 victory over the Miami Dolphins was naturally overshadowed by Tua Tagovailoa's scary injury, but there were plenty of other wild moments that went into Miami's first loss of the season. Bengals defensive back Vonn Bell recorded two interceptions, Tee Higgins exploded for 124 yards and a touchdown and Dolphins wideout Tyreek Hill found a new rival.

Following the game, Hill told reporters that a Bengals coach said something to him Thursday night that he took exception to.

"Whichever coach that is, I'm gonna come find you bro ... me and you gotta have a mano a mano conversation," Hill said, via ESPN. "Cause at the end of the day I felt disrespected as a man."

It's unclear when this incident transpired, but Hill caught a game-high 10 passes for 160 yards on Thursday night. He was amped up for this matchup, as he already has a rivalry with Bengals cornerback Eli Apple. Last year, when Hill was a member of the Kansas City Chiefs, Apple's Bengals defeated him and the Chiefs in the AFC Championship game. Apple then decided to throw some jabs his way, offering Hill Super Bowl tickets via Twitter, and calling him a "baby."

Last Sunday, Hill told reporters that he owed Apple some revenge.

"Looking forward to the challenge. It's going to be fun," Hill said. "I can't wait to go against Eli Apple, man. I owe you boy. I owe you! I'm here. The Cheetah is here."

Hill and Apple didn't face off much on Thursday night, as Hill caught one pass on two targets for seven yards when Apple was the nearest defender, per ESPN. But there apparently has been a new chapter added to this personal rivalry.