The general consensus in the NFL is that once a running back hits the age of 30, his production starts to decline.

Don't tell that to Herschel Walker, though, because that's nonsense to him. 

During an interview on Thursday, the former NFL running back said he thinks he could suit up and play in the NFL right now. At age 53. 

"There is not a doubt in my mind, if I played today, I (could) contribute to a team," Walker told Boomer & Carton.

Walker seems to think he'd fit right in with today's NFL, where almost every team has some sort of "running back-by-committee." 

"Let me tell you the reason why [I can play]," Walker said. "Running backs today don't play every play. They only play, like, a couple of plays and they go out of the game."

Walker also thinks his 53-year-old body could help out at another position. 

"I can return kickoffs," Walker said. "I still run very well, like I've always (run). So I know I can be a positive thing."

I'm not completely sold on this yet, but from a fantasy standpoint, I'm convinced enough that I'd take Walker over Trent Richardson

So why hasn't Walker returned to the NFL?

"I thought about it, but I'm still fighting," Walker said. "I've gotta get out of the fighting first. Once I get out of the MMA stuff, then I may go back and play. I want to be the George Foreman of football."

That "fighting" Walker is referring to is Mixed Martial Arts. The 1982 Heisman Trophy winner has been partaking in MMA for the past five years.

According to Walker, MMA has been keeping him in such good shape that he can still run a blazing fast 40. 

"The last time I ran a 40, I ran a 4.3," Walker said. "That was like a year ago. That was when I had not been doing any track work. All I had been doing was [MMA]."

On the other hand, it's been almost 20 years since Walker played in the NFL. The former Cowboys, Eagles, Vikings and Giants running back last played in the league in 1997 and he's now older than 17 of the NFL's 32 head coaches. 

For the record, the oldest player to ever play in an NFL game was George Blanda, who suited up in 1975 at age 48 for the Raiders. More recently, there was kicker Morten Anderson, who played for the Falcons in 2007 at age 47. 

Anyway, the good news here is that if you're favorite team should happen to be in the market for a 53-year-old running back at any point this season, you'll know there's one available. 

Could a 53-year-old make it in today's NFL? (Getty Images)
Could a 53-year-old make it in today's NFL? (Getty Images)