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It seems that Aaron Rodgers' relationship with the Green Bay Packers has finally reached the point of no return. According to multiple reports, the 2020 NFL MVP has made it clear to the Packers that he wants out of Green Bay. The demand comes roughly one year after the Packers used a first-round pick on Jordan Love, who was drafted as Rodgers' potential replacement. 

Rodgers was not dealt on Thursday during Round 1 of the NFL Draft and to make matters worse, the Packers took another defensive player on Day 1.

To help facilitate a trade, Rodgers has apparently already put together a list of three teams that he would like to be dealt to. According to Pro Football Talk, those three teams are the: 49ers, Broncos and Raiders. PFT has also reported that a trade could go down as soon as this weekend

That might seem like an odd combination of teams, but it fits the bill of what Rodgers is apparently looking for. The 37-year-old wants to move closer to the West Coast because it's closer to home (he was born and raised in Northern California) and because he'll likely have more job opportunities in the entertainment industry, which would include potentially hosting Jeopardy. 

Rodgers hosted the game show from April 5 thru 16 and during one of the episodes, he took at shot at Packers coach Matt LaFleur after a contestant used Final Jeopardy to make a crack about Green Bay's decision to kick a field goal during the fourth quarter of the NFC Title game. 

As for the three teams on Rodgers' wish list, the 49ers actually reached out to the Packers about a possible trade for Rodgers on Wednesday, but they got shot down by Green Bay before they could even put an offer on the table. According to PFT, Rodgers actually wanted the Packers to accept San Francisco's offer, which would have included the third-overall pick in the draft. 

If the Packers do trade Rodgers, they apparently want him out of the NFC, which could throw a wrench in any potential deal with the 49ers or any other NFC team for that matter. 

With the 49ers almost certainly off the table due to the fact that they play in the NFC and the fact that they drafted Trey Lance, that leaves the Raiders and Broncos on Rodgers' wish list. On the Raiders' end, they already have Derek Carr, but coach Jon Gruden would probably be willing to dump Carr if he could somehow land Rodgers. As recently as 2017, Gruden said one of the "greatest regrets of his lifetime" was the fact that he didn't draft Rodgers back in 2005 while he was the coach of the Buccaneers (Tampa Bay had the fifth overall pick and Rodgers ended up going 24th overall). 

Gruden has always been a huge fan of Rodgers and it wouldn't be surprising at all if the Raiders start looking for a way to make a deal happen. 

As for the Broncos, they've spent nearly their entire offseason trying to acquire a quarterback and although they landed one on Wednesday in the form of Teddy Bridgewater, that definitely doesn't mean they won't go after Rodgers. If Denver pulled off a trade with Green Bay, Rodgers would revitalize a franchise that has struggled at the quarterback position since Peyton Manning retired in 2015. 

The reason Rodgers trade demands are coming out now is because he apparently gave the team an ultimatum. According to former ESPN anchor Trey Wingo, the Packers told Rodgers they would trade him this offseason and when they changed their mind, the QB became angry. That being said, Packers general manager Brian Gutekunst denied on Thursday that the team ever made this promise to Rodgers. Either way, at some point over the past week, Rodgers told the team that they would have to trade him because he had no plans to play for them ever again. The Packers had a chance to trade Rodgers in late January, but they rebuffed the Rams after Los Angeles called to see if the reigning MVP was available. After getting turned down by the Packers, the Rams eventually made a deal with the Lions and traded Jared Goff and a few picks to Detroit for Matthew Stafford