Jason Taylor's Pro Football Hall of Fame induction speech was all the things we've come to expect from these things for the first 90 percent of it. The pass rusher who played 15 seasons recounted his road to the NFL and thanked those who helped him along the way -- family, friends, teammates and coaches.

But things took a slightly awkward turn when Taylor got around to acknowledging the owner Dan Snyder, whom he played for just one season before returning to the Dolphins.

"Dan Snyder -- I had a good talk with Dan last night -- thank you for the opportunity to come to Washington," Taylor said. "I know I didn't give you much -- 2.5 sacks -- stole a lot of money from you, but I appreciate it.

"Hey, I'm just being honest," he continued. "We talked about this last night at Jerry [Jones'] party. Redskins owner at the Cowboys party. Me feeling awkward because I stole so much money from Dan. But he was very gracious, and Dan Snyder, thank you so much for what you did for me and my family and the opportunities."

Taylor is short-changing himself a little, as he had 3.5 sacks in his year in Washington in 2008. He also had five sacks with the Jets in 2010, but he's a member of the Hall of Fame thanks to the 131 sacks he racked up with the Dolphins.  

Silver lining: Taylor's Hall of Fame bust looks nothing like Cristiano Ronaldo. So there's that.