After a disastrous season in New York, it looks like Jets coach Todd Bowles is going to get a chance to turn things around in 2017.

A team source told the New York Post that the Jets don't "anticipate" making a head coaching change this year. Obviously, Jets owner Woody Johnson could change his mind between now and Monday -- especially if the Jets get routed by the Bills -- but as of now, it seems that Bowles is safe.

Bowles has been on the hot seat all season, and that seat only got hotter after the Jets were blown out by the Patriots 41-3 on Christmas Eve. That loss dropped New York to 4-11 on the season, which is a far cry from the 10-6 record that Bowles led them to during his first year with the team in 2015.

The season has been full of drama in New York, which has been one of Bowles' biggest problems. The team had to practically beg Ryan Fitzpatrick to return at quarterback, and you know your team is in trouble when your begging Ryan Fitzpatrick for anything.

Besides Fitzpatrick, Bowles' other quarterback drama involves Christian Hackenberg. Despite the fact that the Jets are out of the playoff race, Bowles refuses to play the rookie, which has baffled many in New York.

The Jets have also dealt with several unexpected issues like the loss of Eric Decker to injury -- Decker only played in three games this season -- and the horrible play of Darrelle Revis, which has been downright ugly at times.

Keeping Bowles for at least one more season makes sense if the Jets don't want to turn into the Browns or the Bills. Both of those teams have been churning through coaches lately, and it shows in the standings. Buffalo hasn't made the playoffs since 1999 -- the NFL's longest drought -- and the Browns haven't made it since 2002.

As for Bowles, who spent Dec. 23 in the hospital after going through the pain of a kidney stone, he still seems to have the support of the Jets' locker room.

Sheldon Richardson pointed out the fact that Bowles was successful in 2015.

"He went 10-6 last year -- he just had a slump season (in 2016)," Richardson said, via "It really wasn't on him -- it was kind of on us, because we didn't make plays when we were in position to make plays, or we knew what we were getting into and we just didn't show up this season, so I wouldn't blame our coach."

Jets wide receiver Brandon Marshall compared the situation with Bowles and his possible firing to a recent situation he went through in Chicago.

"Look how it panned out for Chicago," Marshall said, via "That was a team I was just on recently; they went through the same type of the season and tried to have a fire sale and it doesn't always work out. Coach just won 10 ballgames last year. We won four games before that. That's a helluva job. This year's just a bad year for a number of reasons. You don't have a fire sale because of that. You suck it up; you be men, you go in the offseason and work hard."

It sounds like the Jets are willing to give Bowles one more chance. However, if things get ugly on Sunday against a Bills team that just fired its coach, Johnson might take that as a sign that Bowles has lost the locker room and then decide that he's not the right coach to take the team into 2017.