First, the good news: For the first time in the Hue Jackson era, which now spans almost two years and 29 regular-season games, the Browns had a two-touchdown lead in the second half. Now, with that out of the way, onto the bad news, which can conveniently be categorized as "everything else."

The Browns did lead right up till the end -- Davante Adams scored the game-tying touchdown with 17 seconds left in the fourth quarter. But Cleveland won the toss and got the ball first in overtime. Any feeling that this might be it, this might be the week the Browns get their first win, lasted a grand total of three plays. That's how long it took DeShone Kizer to kindly remind Browns fans that they are, you know, Browns fans. Here is the rookie quarterback redefining the arm punt, one that was promptly intercepted by the Packers:

Six plays later, Brett Hundley hit Adams on a short pass that should've gained two, maybe three yards at the most. Instead, 25 yards later, Adams was in the end zone.

Adams didn't stop there.

And that, folks, is how you go 0-13 this season and 1-28 since last season. 

In related news: Downtrodden Browns fans remain downtrodden.

The win not only spares the Packers (now 7-6) the indignity of losing to the Browns, but it keeps their playoff hopes alive. This becomes even more intriguing when you remember that Aaron Rodgers is expected to return, perhaps as soon as next week. Cleveland, meanwhile, remains a laughingstock, though Jackson has guarantees from owner Jimmy Haslam that he'll return as coach in 2018. So there's that.