The Dallas Cowboys have a lot of star players. They even have three on the offensive line in Tyron Smith, Travis Frederick, and Zack Martin. Backup lineman Joe Looney is not a star. He's a little-used interior lineman that played all of 234 snaps last season, including special teams. 

After spending just one year and one offseason with the Boys, though, Looney has apparently gained enough knowledge of his star teammates to do pretty good impressions. Here's Looney doing his best Ezekiel Elliott:

Feed the man @the_looneys

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The lack of washboard abs is a pretty big giveaway that the man in the No. 21 crop top isn't actually Zeke. Still, when you see him walking around the locker room doing the "feed me" gesture, one could be forgiven for mistaking the big lineman for the star back. 

Even better than Looney's Zeke impersonation, though, was his attempt to disguise himself as Dak Prescott. The resemblance here is uncanny, and I honestly can't believe that anyone would know that Looney isn't actually Dak. 

OK, never mind. That's actually a pretty lazy attempt. It's pretty damn funny, though.