The Pittsburgh Steelers have been excellent at identifying mid-round talent at the wide receiver position over the past decade or so. Mike Wallace, Santonio Holmes, Emmanuel Sanders, Antonio Brown, and Martavis Bryant are all standouts that Kevin Colbert and Co. have drafted in various years.

The Steelers took another on Friday night during the second round of the 2017 NFL Draft, picking up JuJu Smith-Schuster in the second round

Everyone expected Pittsburgh to invest again early at the position, primarily because there isn't a guarantee that Bryant or Sammie Coates would be avilable to produce at a high level this year. 

They did, and then Bryant, who is coming off a one-year suspension in 2016, had a joke on Twitter. We think it was a joke anyway.

That's kind of funny. In that "Ha ha ha?" kind of way where you're totally unsure if Bryant is putting Coates on blast or just joking with his friend.

That seemed to be the same reaction that Coates had as well. 

Fortunately Martavis cleared things up: HE'S NOT JOKING. 

It really feels like, at this point in time, with the Steelers spending a second-round pick on another young wide receiver -- Pete Prisco gave the Smith-Schuster pick a B because he's good but it wasn't a position of need -- who could step in and help, maybe Martavis could be quiet.

He has this suspension still hanging over his head. He let the Steelers down in a huge way by missing the whole season. If it's a business, stop getting suspended. 

And tweeting trash talk at your teammates maybe.