The scariest thing in Cleveland right now isn't how bad the Browns are. Nope, the scariest thing in Cleveland is the beard that Fox 8 weatherman Scott Sabol refuses to shave.

Back in September, Sabol decided he was going to let his beard grow out until the Browns won a game this season. The decision was all fun and games until this week, when Sabol reached Day 83 of the Browns' losing streak.

After Cleveland's 26-13 loss to the Giants in Week 12, Sabol tweeted out a picture of his beard, which now looks like this.

As of Saturday, Sabol has now been growing the beard for 87 days. In the great pantheon of a horrible fan decisions, this will probably go up there with the radio host in Cincinnati who decided to live on a billboard until the Bengals won a game in 1991.

There's just something about Ohio NFL teams and horrible fan decisions.

Anyway, it's a good thing that every male in America isn't doing the same thing as Sabol; otherwise, razor companies would be out of business.

As for Sabol, here's what he looked before the season started, and here's what he looks like now.

Cleveland weatherman has been growing his beard for more than 80 days. Twitter

According to Fox 8 in Cleveland, this is the longest Sabol has ever gone without shaving his beard. The weatherman also grew the beard out when the Cavs kept winning last season -- the opposite of what the Browns are doing -- and overall, 74 days of growing had been his previous record.

Fortunately, Sabol won't be growing his beard forever. The weatherman has said he's going to shave it after the Browns win or when the NFL regular season ends, whichever one comes first. At this point, that's a toss-up.