The Jacksonville Jaguars have named Nick Foles the starter over backup rookie Gardner Minshew now that their QB1 is healthy again and ready to hit the field. Foles suffered a broken clavicle in the team's Week 1 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs. Minshew is not your average backup, though. He helped lead the team to its 4-5 record, but he also created a movement.

Yes, we are talking about Minshew Mania. When Minshew and his mustache hit the field for his first regular season game, Jaguars fans fell in love with him. Now that Foles, a Super Bowl champion is the starter, Minshew Mania has come to an end.

As we mourn no longer seeing Minshew under center, let's take a moment to remember the good old days and some of the best Minshew Mania memories. Grab the tissues. 

His first win

Minshew's first win seems as good a place as any to start, since that's when Jaguars fans, forever optimistic, began to see a glimmer of hope of someone who could be their answer at QB. In a Week 3 Thursday Night Football matchup against divisional opponent Tennessee Titans, Minshew went 20 for 30 with 204 yards, two touchdowns and no interceptions. The Jaguars had won their first game of the season, beating the Titans at home. 

And so the mania began.

Nick Foles has regained his starting gig from Gardner Minshew and there's a lot to go over. Fortunately, Will Brinson and the Pick Six Podcast Superfriends are here to break down that news, as well as Cam Newton going on IR and more. Listen below and be sure to subscribe for daily NFL goodness fired into your eardrums.

Gardner Minshew: Fashion Icon

He is a quarterback first, but a trendsetter as a close second. 

Whether jorts and mustaches should be brought back is up for debate, but Minshew managed to do it and they immediately became his signature look. Plus, the sunglasses and headband, of course. 

He cuts many of his own jorts himself, so if the NFL doesn't work out "Project Runway" might be his next move. 

Fans showed up at games looking like their QB and many dressed themselves, or their kids, as Minshew for Halloween this year. Once you've become a Halloween costume, that's when you know you've made it. 

The mustache giveaway

In honor of their Minshew's growing fandom, the Jaguars gave away 35,000 mustaches to the first fans who arrive at the stadium ahead of a home game in October. Along with the mustaches, they had 10 Minshew jerseys to give away for people who wore cutoff jorts to the game. 

What's better than one Minshew? 35,001 Minshews. 

Meeting Uncle Rico

People immediately compared the quarterback's look to that of Uncle Rico, and they finally were able to meet creating a rather fantastic photo. Gardner Minshew, meet Gardner Minshew in the future. 

A legendary start

Minshew was more than just a mustache. He had a historic start to his career. The quarterback had the highest completion percentage (73.8) and the highest passer rating (110.6) for any QB through their first three games with a minimum of 30 pass attempts. 

Offensive Rookie of the Month

Thanks to the impressive start, the sixth-round draft pick took home the NFL Offensive Rookie of the Month award in September. That month, in four games, he went 84 of 121 for 905 yards, threw seven touchdowns and one interception with a passer rating of 106.9.

He is only the second player in NFL history with a rating of at least 95.0 in each of his first four games. 

Fantasy free agent Minshew

Despite his impressive start, Minshew was a free agent in his own fantasy football league. Clearly, his friends found better options at QB, or were trying to mess with him. 

"Bet on yourself"

Minshew might be a character off the field, but his NFL journey was far from easy. He lives by the motto, "If you bet on yourself you'll always be right" and it has led him to success in a league many people thought he would never make it in. 


Here's a look at some of Minshew's highlights from his time starting under center for the Jags:

Minshew Mania may be over for now, but it will always be close to our hearts. We hope to see it again, but until then, it's Nick Foles time in Jacksonville.