Odell Beckham has a simple explanation for his first touchdown celebration Sunday against the Eagles, where he went to all fours and raised his right leg like he was urinating on a fire hydrant.

First, here's the touchdown catch:

Which was promptly overshadowed by the celebration:

If it walks like a dog, and, uh, hikes its leg like a dog, then it's a dog, right?

"I don't know, I was in the end zone," Beckham said after the game, via Mark Maske of the Washington Post. "I scored a touchdown. I'm a dog. So I acted like a dog. I didn't know if the rule book said you can't hike your leg. He [the official] said I peed on somebody. So I was trying to find the imaginary ghost that I peed on. But I didn't see him. But either way it goes, you play football. I wear red and white. I don't wear black and white with stripes on it. I don't make calls. I just play football."

Beckham offered some possibly deeper insights into his celebration on Twitter Sunday night:

Either way: Beckham wasn't apologizing for his celebration, though he understands that the 15-yard penalty that came with it wasn't in the team's best interest.

"But when I get in that end zone, I'm gonna do what I do," he explained. "I'm gonna try and spark this team. And the consequences are gonna be what they are. It's like life. You have to deal with the consequences. And that's something I can take. Our team, we were motivated from that. I don't think it set us back any. I just don't think we finished."

While Beckham is the first NFL player to pretend to pee like a dog after a score, soccer stars have already been doing this for a while

Beckham scored another touchdown -- a one-handed grab followed by a raised fist celebration:

Asked if the raised fist was in response to the protests around the league to Donald Trump's remarks, Beckham said, "Did it look like it? If it looked like it, then it might have been something."

Beckham, who finished nine receptions for 72 yards and two scores, had his best outing of the season. The Giants still lost -- on a last-second 61-yard field goal by Eagles rookie Jake Elliott -- to fall to 0-3.