Odell Beckham still has playoff expectations even though Giants are sitting at 1-7

Although the New York Giants have been one of the worst teams in the NFL this year, there still seems to be some hope in the locker room that they can turn things around coming out of their bye week and salvage the season.  

One of the most optimistic players on the team is Odell Beckham, who has some lofty expectations for his team over their final eight games. Not only does he think the Giants can finish the season with a winning record, but he also believes they can sneak into the postseason. 

"Win eight games. Go 9-7 and go to the playoffs," Beckham said Friday, when asked what he's looking to accomplish over the final eight games, via quotes from the team. "Giants been there before, 9-7 and got to the playoffs. I think they did pretty good, so that's the goal."

When Beckham says they did "pretty good," he's not kidding. The last time the Giants made the playoffs with a 9-7 record came in 2011, when they ended up running the table in a postseason that included three road wins and a Super Bowl win over the Patriots

Of course, that Giants team was slightly different. They started the season 6-2 before tumbling to a 9-7 finish. For this team to get to 9-7, they're going to have win out, starting with this Monday's game in San Francisco. 

"It's not an easy task, but that's the goal," Beckham said of getting to 9-7. "We want to win every game, and do anything I can to help that."

The Giants offense has been a total disaster this year. As a matter of fact, things have gotten so bad that CBS Sports NFL Insider Jason La Canfora reported in October that multiple players in the team's locker room are growing frustrated with Eli Manning. With Manning running the offense, the Giants are averaging just 18.8 points per game, which is the second worst number in the NFC and ranks 27th in the NFL. Also, the addition of Saquon Barkley hasn't really sparked a Giants running game that ranks second to last in the NFL with 77.9 yards per game (Barkley has had a big year, but he's done of a lot of his damage on short dump off passes from Manning). 

With the offense looking hopeless, Beckham was asked how exactly the Giants are going to turn things around and win eight games in a row. 

"I think doing what we didn't do in the first half," Beckham said. "We're doing the opposite of what we did in the first half. Scoring points in the red zone, completing drives, all the little things that have held us back. We've lost a lot of close games that we just didn't pull through."

As Beckham pointed out, if the Giants have any reason for optimism, it's that they've been in nearly every game with five of their seven losses coming by seven points or less. 

"We know what situations we're in when we are in those close games," Beckham said. "We just haven't found a way to pull them through. Just keep working. It's easy to sit up here and be like we want to win eight games knowing that it's very tough to do. You just got to pull it all together now."

The Giants might not run the table, but they do have two very winnable games over the next two weeks. First, they play San Francisco on Monday, which will be followed by a home game against the Buccaneers in Week 11. 

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