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The Miami Dolphins are a curious football team, having sort of managed to hang out in NFL limbo for the last few years, never really taking a huge leap forward or backward. They made the playoffs in 2016, but it felt lucky more than anything. Last year was kind of a sneaky disaster: their franchise quarterback unnecessarily reinjured his ACL before training camp and missed the season (leading to Jay Cutler), an offensive line coach was involved in a social media cocaine scandal and they didn't win many football games. 

So what will the Dolphins look like in 2018? And how will they handle the draft? Both the upcoming early selection in the first round and the entire upcoming season feel like massive swing situations for Mike Tannenbaum and Adam Gase in terms of how the future will play out. 

To break it all down, there's no one better than the Miami Herald's Adam Beasley, who jumped on the Pick Six Podcast and lobbed out tons of nuggets about the Dolphins future. 

Most notably is the fact that he hears Gase is "obsessed" with quarterback Josh Rosen

"I am told Adam Gase is obsessed with Josh Rosen. Obsessed," Beasley said. "That's what one source who is pretty informed in these matters said." 

So clearly the best case situation would be landing Rosen. But scoring Baker Mayfield would be a nice little haul as well.

"Rosen or Baker Mayfield would be a great fit here. Both are going to be gone by 11," Beasley noted. "So the question is how much are they willing to part with to move up?" 

The Dolphins probably have to either go to No. 4 with Cleveland or No. 6 with the Colts, provided that one of the guys they like actually falls down the board. Beasley thinks the cost is too prohibitive ... unless they could package Ryan Tannehill with a pick??

"I don't think the Dolphins have the firepower," Beasley said. "And the only way they would have the ammo to do that is to package Tannehill. Here's the 11th pick and here's Tannehill. So you're doing that for a quarterback that you don't know today is better than Ryan Tannehill."

And you have to find someone who actually wants Tannehill along with a pick. Good luck doing that -- neither the Browns or Colts would be interested. Or the Bears. Or really anyone? Not that Tannehill is terrible, but as Beasley notes, he hasn't attempted a pass in 20 months. They might just have to stand pat. If they could have a quarterback, the choice would be Rosen. 

"I think the most likely scenario is they take a defensive player at 11," Beasley said. "Tremaine Edmunds, Roquan Smith maybe, I don't know if Minkah Fitzpatrick will around, Vita Vea. The good news/bad news is they have needs at every level of defense." 

He could also see the Dolphins going quarterback in the second round, potentially for someone like Lamar Jackson if the Louisville product fell.

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