Poll: 27 percent want Patriots to win Super Bowl, 22 percent view Goodell favorably

Finally, after two years of war, the Patriots and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell have found some much needed common ground: They're both incredibly unpopular in the United States.

On Monday, Public Policy Polling released data from a new poll that demonstrates just how much American sports fans dislike both parties.

According the poll, only 27 percent of football fans in the U.S. want the Patriots to win Super Bowl LI (53 percent are rooting for the Falcons). That makes sense, because as Public Policy Polling also pointed out, the Patriots are the most unpopular football team in the NFL.

Twenty-one percent of fans named the Patriots as their least favorite team. Maybe if Bill Belichick smiled more (or stopped beating everyone's favorite team) that number would go down.

Sorry, Bill. Your team is definitely not popular. USATSI

The Cowboys -- America's (alleged) Team -- finished in second with 19 percent.

Meanwhile, 22 percent of fans view Goodell favorably (37 percent view him unfavorably) and 26 percent approve of the job he's doing (42 percent disapprove). The main takeaway: Nobody benefited from Deflategate, the scandal that plagued the NFL for far too long.

OK, I lied. There's actually a much more important takeaway from the data: Joe Flacco is definitely not #elite. Last year, 35 percent of fans said that the Ravens quarterback wasn't #elite. This year, that number grew to 41 percent.

Finally, something in this country makes sense.

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