Possible Earl Thomas to the Dallas Cowboys trade reportedly could still be in play

The Legion of Boom is dead, but one member remains in Seattle. Earl Thomas, the All-Pro safety, has not yet seen his watch end for the Seahawks, but things remain very much up in the air in terms of what he'll end up doing in 2018.

Thomas is holding out and would probably prefer to get traded, but no one was willing to pay Seattle's asking price during the draft. The logical landing spot is Dallas, and the Cowboys didn't draft any defensive backs, although they did reportedly make an offer for Thomas. So it's logical that a possible Thomas trade is "still in play."

That's the phrase used by former Cowboys scout and now DallasCowboys.com writer Bryan Broaddus, who appeared on the "Shan & RJ Show" on 105.3 The Fan, a CBS Sports Radio affiliate last week.

"The Cowboys have to look at their situation at safety and figure out is this going to be good enough? Are we able to compete for a division? To get in the playoffs? Could Earl Thomas be a guy, could he be a difference maker?" Broaddus said, via the Dallas Morning-News. "I feel like that the Earl Thomas situation still is in play. It's just a matter of where Seattle is going to be.

"I don't believe Earl Thomas is going to sit out games for Seattle. I really, really don't. You're talking about a guy that makes over $10 million. Players just don't leave those checks on the field just for principal, for that reason. I think that Seattle is going to have to figure out something. The Cowboys are going to have to figure out something. And maybe they do work something out there."

The issue with Thomas' situation is a slew of moving parts. The Cowboys and Seahawks are both in weird spots, in terms of competing for the playoffs in the NFC. The Seahawks have to believe they are still contenders, even after reshaping their roster this offseason. But trading Thomas to Dallas would be handing a pretty strong weapon to another NFC contender. There are plenty of those already. Making the Cowboys better this year doesn't make the Seahawks better this year, especially when the player involved comes from Seattle's roster.

But Seattle has to understand Thomas isn't long for Seattle. He has one year left on his deal. Getting something for him now -- maybe a second-round pick? -- would benefit them in the long haul. On the other hand, Dallas has to have assurances Thomas will be willing to sign in Dallas, or even want to sign him in the first place. 

The Cowboys also have to balance their long-term needs and short-term desire to win. It's a very complicated situation because of Thomas' talent, his contract status and his age, as well as the status of the two teams involved.

It's actually a lot like the Lakers-Spurs situation with Kawhi Leonard. There's a very good chance Thomas signs with the Cowboys anyway after this coming season, but can Dallas risk him going elsewhere? Will they want to pay him after this season? Is missing a year of Thomas' prime coupled with a potentially dangerous young team worth holding onto a draft asset? Lots of questions that need to be answered here before anything can happen.

But it might ultimately come down to Jerry Jones seeing the Cowboys get beat deep a couple times early in the preseason and realizing this year could go up in smoke for Dallas if they don't get an enforcer on the back end. It definitely feels like something still in play.

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