The Rams defense had a frustrating night against the Eagles on Sunday and it appears that cornerback Marcus Peters decided to take out some of those frustrations out on a fan who was attending the game at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. 

At some point during the Rams' 30-23 loss to Philadelphia, Peters got into a verbal confrontation with a fan who was sitting just behind the team's bench area. It's not clear what the fan said to Peters, but whatever it was, it set him off, because the Rams cornerback walked straight toward the fan and started yelling at him. 

"Where you from, homie? Where you from?" Peters said as he headed toward the stands. 

Once Peters reached the fan, he got a little more profane with his words, which you can hear in a very NSFW video of the incident and you can see it by clicking here. One interesting thing about the video is you'll notice that security didn't try to stop the confrontation from happening. Although someone appeared to follow Peters to the stands, the man didn't pull the Rams corner away before the confrontation started. 

Taran Killam of Saturday Night Live was actually sitting near where the incident took place and he offered a few more details on the incident. 

According to Killam, the incident took place at some point in the third quarter. A longer video from TMZ shows that two security guards and a Rams teammate eventually came over to Peters and pulled him away from where the fan was. 

The altercation between Peters and the fan marks the second time in two weeks that an NFL player has had a run-in with a fan. After the Jaguars' 30-9 loss to the Titans in Week 14, Leonard Fournette approached a fan at Nissan Stadium and threatened to beat his ass. After Fournette told the Jaguars that he only made the threat because the fan was using racial slurs, the team decided not to punish him. 

If Peters was also taunted by a racial slur, then it's unlikely he'll be punished. However, if this was just a case where frustrations were boiling over due to a bad game, Peters could potentially get into some trouble with the league. 

 It's been a frustrating two weeks for the Rams, who have now lost two games in a row and are in danger of losing out on a first-round bye in the playoffs. At 11-3, the Rams are just one game ahead of the Bears, who hold a head-to-head tiebreaker over them thanks to a 15-6 win in Chicago in Week 14.