Richard Sherman got absolutely torched at 49ers training camp and here's the proof

Trying to cover the fastest receiver on your team's roster probably isn't the best idea if you're a 30-year-old corner coming off a serious injury, but that's exactly what Richard Sherman tried to do on Sunday, and let's just say, things didn't work out so well for him.  

During the one-on-one portion of practice, Sherman had to go up against 49ers speedster Marquise Goodwin, and as you'll see below, putting a world-class sprinter (Goodwin) up against a guy who tore his Achilles eight months ago (Sherman) is basically the recipe for a defensive disaster. 

Goodwin made one move off the line of scrimmage and then blew past Sherman for a big gain. 

If you're wondering how fast Goodwin is, he was a sprinter in college and later represented the United States as a long-jumper at the 2012 Olympics. As a matter of fact, Goodwin is so fast that 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, who didn't make the throw in the Sherman video, admitted this week that he actually has to speed up his mechanics when he's trying to get the ball to Goodwin. 

"Yeah, unless you can throw the ball 100 yards, you've got to speed some things up," Garoppolo said, via the San Francisco Chronicle. "But it's really just how you read the play out, though. You're looking for certain things from the DBs to tip you off -- shoulder tilt, hips open, hips closed -- whatever it is. You just have to realize those things faster than you would on an average play."

In what turned out to be a rough day for Sherman, Goodwin wasn't the only 49ers receiver to get the best of the veteran corner. If you scroll to the 55-second mark in the video below, you'll see Sherman grabbing the jersey of Aldrick Robinson after Robinson managed to beat him on a route. 

Of course, the 49ers don't seem too concerned about Sherman's struggles. After watching him rehab for the past few months, defensive coordinator Robert Saleh said the team wasn't expecting Sherman to be in perfect shape at the beginning of camp. 

"Just trying to get his football legs back," Saleh said of Sherman. "He doesn't have anything to prove. He just has to get back in shape and get his legs back."

Although Sherman has struggled in one-on-one situations, the Chronicle did note that the former Seahawks corner has been much better during 11-on-11 work and hasn't been burnt yet. 

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