After spending the past few months trying to hammer out a new deal, it appears that Rob Gronkowski and the Patriots have finally come up with something that works for both sides. 

According to, the Patriots have agreed to rework Gronk's contract in a move that will allow the tight end to potentially pull in an extra $4.3 million in 2018. 

To make the money, Gronk will have hit multiple incentives this year. The Patriots are going to give Gronk a $1.1 million bonus if he finishes the season with 70 or more catches. Gronk will also get the same $1.1 million bonus if he plays 80 percent of the Patriots' offensive snaps, catches nine or more touchdowns or finishes the season with 1,085 receiving yards or more. Gronk can earn a maximum of $3.3 million with these incentives, which means he only needs to hit three of the four qualifiers to make the money. 

The 29-year-old tight end will also have the potential to earn another $1 million through per game bonuses. In total, Gronk now has the potential to make up to $13.05 million in 2018. Besides the $4.3 million in incentives, Gronk also has his $8 million base salary and a $750,000 roster bonus that's already been paid out. 

Jalen Ramsey probably thinks this is way too much money to give to an overrated tight end. 

The contract with Gronk officially ends an offseason of drama for the tight end. Remember, just four months ago, no one actually knew if he was going to play this year after he made some comments at the Super Bowl that suggested he might be contemplating retirement. Also, let's not forget about the fact that he was reportedly frustrated with Bill Belichick and he may have actually only skipped offseason workouts because he wanted a new contract. 

When Gronk reported for mandatory minicamp, his contract was the talk of the town and that's mainly because he didn't deny wanting a new deal. By the time training camp rolled around, Gronk's contract went from a hot topic to a scolding inferno. 

As recently as Tuesday, Gronk was asked if he wanted to see a deal get done before the season. 

"It is what it is. That's not really my focus," Gronk said. "I got a long season ahead and just trying to focus on what I need to really do and just let everything else play out."

The good news for Gronk is that he can now focus on being Gronk and if the 2017 season was any indication, Gronk plays his best when he's being Gronk.