After skipping out on New England's offseason training activities for the past two months, Rob Gronkowski finally made his first practice appearance with the Patriots on Tuesday, and no one was more excited to see him than the media. 

For the past four months, Gronk has been one of the most mysterious figures in the NFL. For one, no one actually knew if he was going to play this year after he made some comments at the Super Bowl that suggested he might be contemplating retirement. Oh, and let's not forget about the fact that he's reportedtly frustrated with Bill Belichick and may have only skipped workouts because he wants a new contract that will pay him more money.

In summary: He might not be happy with his contract, he might not be happy with his coach and he was thinking about quitting football. Definitely not an ideal situation for the Patriots. 

So what exactly is happening with Gronk? Glad you asked. 

The Patriots tight end attempted to clear up a few key issues about his offseason after New England's first day of mandatory minicamp, although he might not have actually cleared anything up. When Gronk was asked about his relationship with Belichick, he answered with five short words before moving on and talking about practice. 

"It's good. Everything is good," Gronk said of his relationship with Belichick, via quotes distributed by the team. "It just felt really good to be back out on the field and that's what matters most. I enjoyed it a lot today. I love playing the game of football. The game of football is fun when you're feeling good and if you're not feeling good -- I mean myself, I've asked many other players -- you really don't like the game of football."

As for potentially redoing his deal with the Patriots, Gronk didn't hide the fact that he wants a new contract. 

"I don't know. Trying to," Gronk said, when asked if he was trying to redo his deal. "Who wouldn't?"

On the retirement end of things, Gronk said that he just wanted to take a few months after the Super Bowl to try and figure things out. 

"I just wanted to see where I was at," Gronk said. "I was having all different thoughts. Do I need to see where my body was at and everything? To see if I really wanted to go through it again. To see if I could go through it again. I feel like I'm just going to do what's best for myself and take care of myself because if I can't take care of myself, I can't take care of anyone else and I can't help out the team."

After the Super Bowl, Gronk went dark for almost two months, which led to a lot of speculation about what he was going to do. The 29-year-old didn't officially announce he was going to play in 2018 until late April. During his time off, the Patriots tight end said that he did his best to stay in shape, but that was only when he wasn't crashing bachelor parties or getting piggyback rides from Shaq

"Just was training on my own," Gronk said. "Just felt like that was the best thing for me and I wanted to take care of my body and take care of myself and see where I was at before I came out here. It went good. I think it was a good decision."

Of course, Gronk wasn't the only Patriots player to attend his first practice of the offseason on Tuesday. Tom Brady also showed for the first time, and according to Gronk, Brady looked like Brady. 

"Tom looked great," Gronk said. "That guy, I don't think he's ever going to look bad. I mean he's always looking good. He's never tired. His arm strength is always up there so he's looking good."

Basically, after four months of keeping Patriots fans in a panic, it looks like Gronk and Brady are finally ready to help lead the team to a sixth Super Bowl title.