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One of the craziest games of Week 4 was played in Detroit where the Seahawks won a wild shootout over the Lions. Not only did we see nearly 100 total points scored in the game, but we also witnessed NFL history: The two teams ended with a final score that's never been seen. 

Around the internet, this is known as a scorigami. 

If you're not familiar with scorigami, it's pretty simple: It's when the NFL gives us a final score that's never happened before and that's what the Seahawks win over the Lions gave us on Sunday. The final score of 48-45 marked the first time in NFL history that a game had ever ended with that score. 

As you can see above, it's the 1073rd unique final score in NFL history. 

The idea of scorigami has grown so much on Twitter that the Seahawks were celebrating the fact that they made history on Sunday.

The Seahawks win marked the first scorigami of the 2022 season. During the 2021 season, there were a total of six scorigamis, but obviously as more final scores get knocked off the all-time list, scorigamis will be more difficult to come by, so we might not see as many this season. 

Of course, the Seahawks-Lions game seemed like it was almost destined to be a scorimagi. With 90 seconds left to play, the Seahawks were leading 48-38 and if the game would have ended with that final score, it would have also been a scorigami, but Jared Goff threw a touchdown pass with 1:06 left to play to make the score 48-45. 

It's also worth noting that Seahawks kicker Jason Myers missed a 39-yard field goal in the third quarter. If he had made that kick, the final score might have been 51-45 and that wouldn't have been s scorigami, so we should all thank Myers for the fact that we got to witness NFL history. 

This was the first time the Lions were involved in a scorigami since 2020 when they lost to the Titans 46-25. As for the Seahawks, this is their first scorigami since a 43-16 win over the 49ers in 2018. 

Besides the scorigami, the Lions also made some history of their own.