On Sunday, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels engaged in a sideline shouting match during their win over the Bills. Six days later, Brady is still feeling bad about the incident.  

Before taking questions during his press conference on Saturday, Brady issued a formal apology to McDaniels.

"One thing I do want to say first, I want to apologize to (offensive coordinator) Josh (McDaniels) for last week in Buffalo," Brady said, per NFL.com "I know our coaches work really hard. They're responsible for putting us in a great position to succeed, so I just want to get that off my chest."

Brady said he didn't want the public to believe his relationship with McDaniels was similar to what they saw on TV last weekend.

"Yeah, but a lot of people see it and they think the nature of our relationship would be something like that, but it's really the exact opposite of that," Brady said. "I've been feeling bad all week and haven't had a chance to say it, and he knows how much I love him."

If you missed the "incident," here it is:

Brady shouldn't be overly concerned. McDaniels didn't seem shaken up by the argument, even saying that the emotions that Brady displayed in the moment are a "part of what makes him great."

"It's a very competitive game and emotional game and things like that can happen," McDaniels told reporters on Tuesday. "Being in the game a long time, and understanding that Tommy's a very emotional person and emotional player; it's part of what makes him great. You understand that those things happen, and it's never personal. You move on quickly from it, and we did and we have. I love Tom and all those things he stands for and all the things he does for our team. That's just a situation where you understand it and move on quickly from it and you focus on your job."

And remember: Brady calls McDaniels "babe." So, I think they'll be OK.

Besides, that wasn't even the first time Brady has gotten into a shouting match with a coach, and the last time looked way worse:

So to sum up:  All is well in New England. Brady and McDaniels are still BFFs, and they're probably going to get along fine when they head to Miami considering the Dolphins are a bad football team -- even if Dolphins defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh is aiming to start a rift on the Patriots' sideline.

"I'd love to make him mad and have him yelling at his offensive linemen for not blocking me -- his coach and everybody on the sideline," Suh said Thursday, per The Washington Post. "That's my job."

Sounds like Suh just wants to do his job, which should sound familiar to the Patriots.