Each year the NFL gets greedier than the year before and attempts to make Super Bowl Opening Night (née "Media Day") a bigger and bigger spectacle.

This year, at Super Bowl LI, the "halftime" portion of the program featured the team captains and head coaches from the Falcons and Patriots coming out to do some quick interviews with Scott Hanson, Sal Paolantonio and Jay Glazer.

The Falcons came from one side and the Patriots come from the other and everyone bro hugged it out as they saw each other. Atlanta quarterback Matt Ryan even had a funny moment when he hugged it out with Patriots coach Bill Belichick -- Ryan clearly wasn't expecting Belichick, dressed in a suit, to go with the bro embrace.

Falcons coach Dan Quinn definitely wasn't expecting it, or at least decided to go ice cold on Belichick, shutting down the Pats coach before he could get started.

Awkwardness ensued.

Awkward high fives and handshakes are a pretty routine Patriots experience.

The more likely theory than Quinn actually trying to ice out Belichick is that Quinn, like Ryan, probably assumed that Belichick was just a handshake guy. He has been here seven times now and he treats football like a business. Why on earth would he be handing out hugs? Quinn is just trying to match his intensity.

And now Quinn is left to sit around and wonder if he was the one who was awkward, probably thinking about texting Bill and apologizing, studying the video of the handshake instead of game film.

The dark magic works once again.