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It's not often that you see a Tuesday game in the NFL, but for the second time this year, we'll be getting one and that will be happening tonight when the Ravens host the Cowboys

For the Cowboys, the Tuesday game means they'll be making some NFL history and that's because they're about to become the first team in the Super Bowl era to play at least one game on each day of the week. The Cowboys played on a Wednesday back in 2012 and last played on a Friday back in 1999, which means they've now hit all seven days of the week. The Titans and Vikings are the only two teams who have even played on six different days of the week.  

So how did we end up in a situation where Baltimore and Dallas are playing on a Tuesday? Glad you asked. 

This game was originally scheduled as the Thursday night game in Week 13. However, the NFL had to throw that plan out the window after a COVID-19 outbreak hit the Ravens, which caused a postponement of Baltimore's Week 12 game against the Steelers

The Ravens-Steelers game was originally supposed to played on Thanksgiving Day, but it actually got postponed three times. First, the game was moved to Sunday, Nov. 29, but then the NFL realized that wasn't going to be possible, so the game was postponed to Tuesday, Dec. 1.  As positive COVID tests continued to pour in for the Ravens, the NFL decided to postpone the game one more day to Wednesday, Dec. 2. 

With the Ravens playing on Dec. 2, there was no way they would be able to play the Cowboys on Thursday, Dec. 3, so the NFL also had to move that game. At first, the game between Baltimore and Dallas was moved to Monday, Dec. 8, but then it got moved once again after the NFL decided to bump the Washington-Pittsburgh game from Sunday, Dec. 7 to Monday, Dec. 8. 

Instead of trying to pull off a Monday triple-header, the NFL decided to put the Cowboys and Ravens on Tuesday night. Unlike the Steelers game, which was only available to about 40% of the country on Fox, the game between the Ravens and Cowboys will be nationally televised. The reason for that is because the game was supposed to be on national television in its original Thursday slot, so Fox is still allowed to air the game, which will kickoff at 8:05 p.m. ET, to the entire country. 

The Tuesday game will be the second one this year and just the third one the NFL has seen since 1950. Not only did the Titans and Bills play back in Week 5, but the Eagles and Vikings also played a Tuesday game back in 2010. 

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