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Musgrove has been wearing a compression sleeve on his right arm for much of the season because he's dealt with elbow bursitis, Kevin Acee of The San Diego Union-Tribune reports.

The feeling is that the issue might have been caused by the aggressive treatment Musgrove underwent this spring to combat healing in his fractured left big toe. "I had some elbow issues early in spring, possibly from the hyperbaric (chamber)," he said. "Went to Mexico, and it blew up in Mexico, just really swollen. Since then it has been manageable, but it seems like the elevation and pressurized areas are causing more and more trouble." Musgrove added that he "had a leak in the bursa sac or a rupture in there" that "causes swelling and causes loss of range of motion." The righty has an uncharacteristic 4.37 ERA on the season, although that mark has been 1.93 over his last four starts. There are no plans for any down time for Musgrove. Rather, the elbow issue seems like something he may just have to manage for a while longer but should eventually heal itself.

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