On Tuesday, The Athletic published a bombshell report alleging that the Houston Astros electronically stole signs in 2017, when they ultimately won the World Series against the Los Angeles Dodgers in seven games. Former Astros hurler and current Oakland Athletics pitcher Mike Fiers, along with three other players, went on the record to expose what they believe Houston was doing during that championship season. They claim Houston used a camera in center field to steal signs and would communicate to the hitter what pitch to expect. 

Upon hearing the news, MLB players could not help but react. Some took to social media to give their responses to the breaking news. 

The first players we all wanted to hear from were members of the New York Yankees, who lost to this alleged cheating team in Game 7 of the ALCS, and the Dodgers, who were defeated by Houston in Game 7 of the World Series, in 2017.

Yankees star Aaron Judge gave a "Wait... What...?" response that summed up how a lot of people were feeling after hearing the news. Astros star Jose Altuve beat Judge out to win the AL MVP Award in 2017. 

His teammate, Yankees pitcher Luis Severino, used emojis when words failed. He gave it two angry faces.

Yu Darvish, who was a member of the Dodgers' team that lost the World Series to the Astros in 2017, wants people to know he isn't using these allegations as an excuse for his poor performances. In pitching 3 1/3 innings through two starts for Los Angeles in that series, he allowed eight runs and the Dodgers took home losses in both of those games. 

People online apologized for blaming him for the World Series loss two years ago, but he said that blame should still be on him because he "sucked."

Reds pitcher Trevor Bauer also decided words were not enough. He used two monocle emojis with a very dramatically, and rather funny, edited video of him pitching against the Astros. 

Cleveland Indians pitcher Mike Clevinger clearly is not surprised at the claims. He even went as far as to tag Astros star Alex Bregman in a tweet that featured a "We been knew" gif.  

Trevor Plouffe, a free agent third baseman, was also not the least bit shocked at the allegations.

He also posted a video giving pitchers and catchers tips on how not to get their signs stolen. Plouffe believes this is something that has been going on in the MLB for years. 

Carson Smith, a pitcher for the Red Sox, had a lot to say on the matter. He wanted to make sure people knew there was even more to the story and launched new allegations against the Astros:

The Astros were accused of recording the opposing dugout during ALCS at Fenway Park in 2018. 

Evan Longoria, San Francisco Giants third baseman, on the other hand, wants to believe that all is fair in love and baseball:

Cincinnati Reds pitcher Kevin Gausman speculates that 2017 is not the only year this occurred. 

The MLB has yet to announce any punishment for the Astros but are investigating the matter.