Well, the 2018 NBA free agency period is now officially underway, and things are already getting interesting. Paul George is not going to Los Angeles after all, spurning the Lakers by signing a four-year deal with the Oklahoma City Thunder. Not only was that a great deal for the Thunder, but it could have a big impact on the Lakers' plans. 

Should George have signed with the Lakers, it would have likely made it almost certain that LeBron James would have as well. But now, it's not as clear. The Lakers definitely still have a good chance, but the LeBron sweepstakes are much more interesting. 

And at least one team has sensed that uncertainty and is trying to get into the mix. That team? The Denver Nuggets. No, really. Via Yahoo Sports:

The Denver Nuggets are aggressively pursuing a meeting with star free-agent forward LeBron James, a league source told Yahoo Sports, hoping to convince James that Denver's talent makes the Nuggets an ideal short-term fit.

Denver has been in contact with James' agent, Rich Paul, and has doggedly tried to position the team as James' best option, the source said. Paul George's decision to re-sign with Oklahoma City has taken a potential James teammate in Los Angeles off the board, and thus far the Lakers' talks with San Antonio for Kawhi Leonard have gained no traction.

The Nuggets do not currently have the cap space to sign James, but if for some reason "The King" agreed to join up, they could pretty easily figure out a way to shed some contracts. At this point, the Nuggets seem a longshot to even get a meeting with James, let alone convince him to sign with them. 

Still, it's pretty cool to see the Nuggets being this aggressive. They already have Jamal Murray, Nikola Jokic and Paul Millsap, which is more talent than either the Lakers or Cavaliers currently have on their roster. Why not go all in to see if you can convince James to agree to a short-term deal?