2018 NBA Free Agency Tracker: Dwyane Wade rejoins Heat; list of quality players dwindling

Beleive it or not, the 2018-19 NBA season is just around the corner. The free agency transactions haven't completely stopped, however, as a major domino fell on Sunday when 12-time All-Star Dwyane Wade announced he will rejoin the Heat for one last season.

Wade was the biggest unsigned free agent left on the board, though it was expected that he would re-up with the Heat unless he decided to retire.

Veterans Jamal Crawford and Joe Johnson also remain available on the market as summer slowly gives way to fall.

Until those players find landing spots, keep checking back to see where the top players have signed.

  • PO: Player option
  • TO: Team option
  • UFA: Unrestricted free agent
  • RFA: Restricted free agent
2018 NBA Free Agent Tracker
RankPlayer (Age)POSLast TeamNew TeamStatus
1FAgreed to 4-year, $154M deal
2FReportedly agreed to one-and-one deal worth $61.5M
3FReportedly agreed to 4-year, $137M deal
4CReportedly agreed to 5-year, $148M deal
5GReportedly agreed to 4-year, $160M deal
6CReportedly agreed to 5-year, $90M deal
7CReportedly agreed to 1-year, $5.3M deal
8CReportedly agreed to 1-year, $22.9M deal
9FReportedly agreed to 4-year, $76M deal
10FReportedly agreed to 2-year, $18M deal
11GReportedly agreed to 4-year, $52M deal
12GReportedly agreed to 1-year deal worth $12M-to-13M
13FReportedly agreed to 1-year, $15M deal
14F/CReportedly agreed to a 2-year, $36M deal
15GReportedly agreed to a 1-year, $2M deal
16GReportedly agreed to 1-year, $12M deal
17FReportedly agreed to 2-year, $40M deal
18CReportedly agreed to 4-year, $48M deal
19GReportedly agreed to 4-year, $78M deal
20GReportedly agreed to 4-year, $54M deal
21FReportedly agreed to 1-year, $2.4M deal
22GReportedly agreed to 2-year, $18M deal
23FReportedly agreed to a 1-year, $4.3M deal
24GReportedly agreed to 2-year, $25M deal
25GReportedly agreed to 1-year, $9M deal
26GReportedly agreed to 1-year, $6.2M deal
27CReportedly agreed to 1-year, $3.4M deal
28GReportedly agreed to 1-year, $12M deal
29FReportedly agreed to 1-year, $10M deal
30FReportedly agreed to 1-year, $3.4M deal
31GReportedly agreed to 2-year, $16M deal
32FReportedly agreed to 2-year, $12M deal
33GReportedly agreed to 3-year, $33M deal
34GReportedly agreed to 1-year, $2.7M deal
Reportedly agreed to 1-year, $2.2M deal
36CReportedly agreed to 2-year, $3.5M deal
37FReportedly agreed to 4-year, $37.2M deal
38FReportedly agreed to 1-year, $5M deal
39FReportedly agreed to 3-year, $21M deal
40CReportedly agreed to 2-year, $11M deal
Michael Beasley (30)
FReportedly agreed to a 1-year, $3.5M deal
42GReportedly agreed to 1-year deal
43FReportedly agreed to 1-year, $4.4M deal
44FReportedly agreed to 1-year, $2.5M deal
45CReportedly agreed to 1-year, $2.4M deal
46FReportedly agreed to 3-year, $27M deal
47GReportedly agreed to 2-year, $12M deal
48GReportedly agreed to 2-year, $3.8M deal
49CReportedly agreed to 2-year, $11M deal
50FReportedly agreed to 3-year $20.5M deal
51GReportedly agreed to a 2-year, $10M deal
52CReportedly agreed to a 1-year, $5.4M deal
54GReportedly agreed to 1-year, $4.4M deal
57FReportedly agreed to 1-year, $6.5M deal
58CReportedly agreed to 1-year, $2.4M deal
60GReportedly agreed to 2-year, $6.2M deal
61GReportedly agreed to 2-year, $5.6M deal
63FReportedly agreed to 3-year, $22M deal
64FReportedly agreed to 1-year, $2.4M deal
65FReportedly agreed to 1-year, $2.4M deal
67CReportedly agreed to 2-year deal with partial guarantee in 2018-19, and team option in 2019-20.
68CReportedly agreed to 2-year, $8.5M deal
69CReportedly agreed to 1-year, $2.4M deal
Reportedly agreed to 4-year, $6M deal with $500K guaranteed
71GReportedly agreed to 1-year, $1.7M deal
72FReportedly agreed to 2-year, $14.5M deal
73FReportedly agreed to 2-year, $3.5M deal
74FReportedly agreed to 1-year, $2.5M deal
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