Report: Elton Brand 'hopes' Mavericks sign him off amnesty waiver wire

Elton Brand was waived by the Philadelphia Philadelphia 76ers using the amnesty clause Wednesday afternoon, making him available for bid to any team under the cap. Whoever has the highest bid for a portion of his contract (with Philadelphia to pay the rest) after 48 hours will gain his rights. The leader in the clubhouse is considered to be the Dallas Dallas Mavericks . Not only due to their bid, but because that's the team Brand wants to play for. From 

League sources indicated that at least three teams with room, the Cleveland Cavaliers , Milwaukee Bucks and Toronto Raptors , would not be making bids on Brand. The Phoenix Suns and New Orleans Pelicans were contemplating making a bid, according to other league sources. But teams are leery of making bids if Brand doesn’t want to play there.

via Brand Hoping To Be Claimed By Mavs « | Hang Time Blog.

Brand would be an odd fit with the Mavericks, behind Dirk Nowitzki as the backup power forward, but limiting his minutes might be the best course of action as he gets older, and you could conceivably play him for stints at center in small-ball lineups. The Mavericks signed Chris Kaman Wednesday, and used the amnesty clause on Brendan Haywood , then traded Ian Mahinmi to the Indiana Pacers for Darren Collison and Dahntay Jones , so their frontcourt looks a little bizarre at the moment. 

But Brand is still a willing defender and a player who can score from range and at the rim. He's put in productive seasons the past two years for the Sixers, and if the Mavericks land him, they'll be in good shape. 

With the Cavaliers and Raptors out, there's a good chance the Mavericks can land him and everyone winds up happy. If not, things could get tense between his new team and the former All-Star for denying his chance to play where he wants. 

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