The 2018 NFL Draft is right around the corner, and more players and scenarios are coming into focus. It's becoming a little more clear which prospects could best slot into which picks, and what teams are likely targeting should they move up or down the board via trade.

Find Jason La Canfora's latest notes, including what he's hearing about where the top 10 non-quarterback prospects could go, on Wednesday.

Here is some of what I've been picking up most recently:

Raiders could trade down, take Miller

If the Raiders do in fact trade down from the 10th overall pick -- with someone like New England or Arizona or whoever coming up for a quarterback -- look out for UCLA tackle Kolton Miller to be a top target for them. Problem is, they might not be able to move back far at all and still get him. I continue to hear from evaluators and offensive line coaches I most trust that Miller, and not Notre Dame's Mike McGlinchey, is the best tackle in the draft. Miller has the potential to be an elite left tackle with tremendous feet on a 6-foot-9 frame. There is too much potential to ignore. Plenty of teams in the teens have their eye on him. McGlinchey, from what I gather, is much more likely to go in the late-teens to early-20s. Not sure Miller makes it past Detroit, where he could start on the right side if need be, where he played at UCLA before moving over.

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Patriots on the move?

Would the Patriots move up in the teens for a quarterback if the right one falls? I continue to hear that is most certainly a possibility they are entertaining and as I covered on Monday, Josh Rosen seems the likeliest of the "big four" quarterbacks to make that slide. With Miami and Buffalo (for now if they don't move up) sitting at 11-12 and exploring QBs as well, 10 could be a nice spot for Oakland to find value via trade.

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Broncos open to trade

I have long reported that I don't get any information leading me to believe Denver is taking a quarterback and the Broncos are very open to a trade. John Elway confirmed the trade part at his press conference Thursday, and if the Broncos did swap picks with the Bills, linebacker Leighton Vander Esch is someone very much on their radar. Fifth overall is too high but in the teens it's a fit. The most likely trade scenario would involve the Bills moving up to get Rosen if we assume Josh Allen, Sam Darnold and Baker Mayfield are all gone in the top four picks.

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Arkansas center Frank Ragnow is climbing up team's draft boards. USATSI

Frank Ragnow climbing draft boards

I continue to hear Ragnow (Arkansas) is the top center in this draft. As I reported a few weeks back, he's someone who was in no one's mock drafts at the start of the month and now will be going quite high. I don't think he makes it past the Bengals in most logical scenarios.

More NFL Draft rumblings

  • Baltimore would prefer not to take a tight end at 16, and look for them to explore trading down, too. I just don't know who moves up. Regardless, if they could drop down 5-7 spots they would covet South Carolina tight end Hayden Hurst I'm told. I don't see many tight ends going in the first round, but if Hurst is there when the Saints pick that looks like a natural match.
  • Tremaine Edmunds, less than two weeks shy of his 20th birthday, is a lock to go in the top 10 from everything I am hearing and I wouldn't be shocked if he went as high as sixth overall depending on who else comes off the board. His stock has continued to soar through this process.
  • Evaluators I trust believe that Maryland's D.J. Moore is the best receiver in this draft and should absolutely be taken ahead of Calvin Ridley (Alabama) or Courtland Sutton (SMU), who are the only other receivers I hear real first-round potential on. Ultimately, maybe none of them go in the top 32, but don't be surprised at all if Moore is the first off the board.
  • I could see Taven Bryan (Florida) going just outside the top 10, which would be substantially higher than many projected before the combine. He's not a perfect fit for everyone, and he doesn't fit some defensive tackle stereotypes (he likes to build computers in his spare time). The potential is robust and he could be an impactful pass rusher from the inside, a talent sorely lacking in this draft. I could see Washington taking him, and I think the worst-case scenario for him is the Falcons at 26th overall. They are among the teams that love him. 
  • Since first writing about Florida State defensive lineman Josh Sweat a few weeks back and how projections of him going in the third or fourth round are way off base, I have heard nothing to the contrary. Some teams prefer him to Harold Landry, his knee is not as big a concern now as it was for some clubs before the combine, and he has some freakish ability and metrics. I wouldn't guarantee he goes in the first round, but top of the second round is a very safe bet, and if a team like Seattle dropped down a few spots as it is apt to do, Sweat would be a strong potential target.
  • NFL teams might be systematically ignoring Eric Reid for some now-obvious reasons unrelated to football, but his brother is getting a lot of attention. Stanford safety Justin Reid has a legit shot at going in the first round, and the Titans have done a lot of work on safeties. Reid or Ronnie Harrison (Alabama) could be the pick there depending on how things break. And for as much attention as Tremaine Edmunds is garnering late, keep a very close eye on his brother, safety Terrell Edmunds. Teams love his makeup and athleticism more than is being let on, and the projected grades on him in the fourth/fifth round are going to look way low. I keep hearing it's possible he sneaks into the late first round, or certainly second round. The Panthers, Titans and Steelers could be a fit.
  • Haven't seen Georgia edge rusher Lorenzo Carter mocked in the first round much, but it's a real possibility. So little pass rush available and so many teams in need.