Antonio Brown has been without an NFL team for more than a month now, but the former star wide receiver has stayed active on Twitter -- the same platform that often sparked headlines during his tumultuous run with three different teams in 2019.

CBS Sports' Jason La Canfora reported recently that Brown, who's still facing a sexual assault civil suit, has drawn renewed interest around the league despite being cut by both the Oakland Raiders and New England Patriots in September. Until anyone brings him and his baggage onto a roster, however, Brown appears content sharing just about any opinion imaginable and in Tweet form.

Everything from Tom Brady to the XFL was on the table for AB on Friday morning, when he went off in a flurry of interactions with fans. Here, we've attempted to do our best to decipher all the most notable topics. Feel free to make your own judgments on some of the, er, less legible ones:

On fans not being able to watch new highlights of him

Brown: 2020

Translation: I might be back.

On Ben Roethlisberger and Tom Brady

Brown: Brady another level truly rare individual

Translation: I miss Tom. I don't like Ben.

On playing in the XFL in 2020

Brown: Bush league

Translation: I'll never play there.

On playing in the CFL

Brown: Stop it 5 no

Translation: I'll never play there.

On playing for the 49ers

Brown: Tried earlier year denied greatness

Translation: I wanted to go there this season, but they weren't having it.

On the Eagles needing him

Brown: I do not think so

Translation: Even the team that desperately needs a receiver won't sign me.

On Jon Gruden and Mike Mayock cutting him

Brown: All was part of ultimate plan no support either way with those guys

Translation A: The Raiders were planning to cut me from the start.
Translation B: I used the Raiders to get to the Patriots, but they didn't support me anyway.

On his Raiders tenure ending early

Brown: Sorry it didn't work bought crib out there was ready to go to work but I was to much steak for a chicken plan

Translation: Steak is better than chicken?

On calling Teddy Bridgewater

Brown: Pick up @teddyb_h20

Translation: Saints, will you hire me?

On playing for the Steelers again

Brown: Noooo

Translation: Won't happen.

On whether fans should add him in fantasy

Brown: Add me to non fiction

Translation: No one will sign me.

On his favorite superhero

Brown: Me Black-Man

Translation: Myself. Call me Black-Man. Or Mr. Big Chest.