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The Los Angeles Chargers' season came down to the very last play to decide if they'd reach the playoffs. Justin Herbert and Co. were on the losing end of a 35-32 overtime thriller against the Las Vegas Raiders that almost ended in a tie -- an outcome which would have given postseason berths to both teams! The Chargers won four out of their first five games, yet faltered down the stretch and found themselves out of the playoffs for the third season in a row.

Now, the Chargers have to watch as the franchise they share a stadium with plays for a Super Bowl at home against a team in the Cincinnati Bengals that the Chargers beat by 19 points in Week 13. On Wednesday, Chargers star running back Austin Ekeler joined CBS Sports HQ to talk about the season that was and his Super Bowl prediction. When asked what the Chargers need to do to take that next step, Ekeler said it comes down to consistency. 

"It's definitely the consistency factor man," said Ekeler. "We have a game where it's like, 'Man, we looked unstoppable' -- we beat a few playoff teams. The next game, like against the Texans for example, it's like, 'Hey guys, we need to go in and win this game, secure our playoff spot,' and then it's that inconsistency. We're just not the team that we thought we were. So it comes back to our preparation."

Following a tough, 34-28 overtime loss to the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 15, L.A. fell to 8-6. The Chargers had the lowly Texans next up on the docket, but three turnovers along with 24 points scored by Houston just in the fourth quarter led to a 41-29 loss. It was an unexpected loss that set L.A. up with a win-and-you're-in situation in the regular-season finale, and the Chargers were unable to do so.

Consistency is going to be the Chargers' goal in 2022, in individual games as well as how they finish out the season. As for this year's Super Bowl matchup, Ekeler thinks the home fans are going to show out despite their reputation. 

"I think it's going to be close, but I'm taking the home team," said Ekeler. "I'm taking the Rams."