Watch Now: Giants reportedly trade Olivier Vernon to the Browns (2:40)

The Browns have already pulled off one trade with the Giants this week and it appears they tried to pull off another one just days earlier that would have been much, much bigger. 

Rumors of a possible trade involving Odell Beckham started to float on Tuesday after a few players in Cleveland -- and one former player -- started to send out cryptic tweets. 

Even Beckham got in on the fun by sending out a cryptic tweet on Wednesday. 

As it turns out, there was some substance to all these rumors, and that's because it appears that Browns did actually make an offer for Beckham at some point this week. During an interview with 92.3 the Fan in Cleveland, NFL Network's Aditi Kinkhabawala said the Browns had offered multiple players to the Giants in hopes of landing Beckham. 

"John Dorsey is not afraid to be aggressive, he is not afraid to make bold moves," Kinkhabawala said. "This is clearly a team that feels it's on the precipice of doing something significant, not just having a winning season, but making the playoffs, making a run of some kind. He's not going to be afraid to go out and do something like that. The question here is are the Giants really moving on from him? So I had been told that [Kevin] Zeitler and [Emmanuel] Ogbah and another player had been packaged together -- or had been offered -- for Beckham."

The reason Beckham isn't in Cleveland right now is because the Giants wanted no part of the deal. 

"I ran that by a long-time member of the Giants organization who laughed, and said there is not a chance and that would make the Giants a laughing stock," Kinkhabawala said. 

The NFL Network reporter also pointed out that discussions never got serious from the Giants end because of the offer. 

"I wouldn't feel confident describing the [talks[ as serious," Kinkhabawala said "I think it's the time of year where there are lots and lots and lots of conversations."

In the end, the Browns did end up trading Zeitler to New York, but not for Beckham. On Friday morning, the Browns offensive lineman was traded to the Giants in exchange for Olivier Vernon

Although the trade didn't happen, don't rule out the possibility that Beckham eventually gets dealt. CBS Sports NFL Insider Jason La Canfora reported at the combine that the Giants would be open to dealing their star receiver, but he also added that it would take a ransom to get him. Apparently, the combination of Zeitler, Ogbah and another player didn't qualify as a ransom.