When you get to heaven, what team's T-shirt will God be wearing? According to Alabama running back Bo Scarbrough, it will not be an Auburn shirt, because he does not believe God is an Auburn fan. How do we know this ridiculous opinion?

Because the Browns asked him, obviously. 

Each year at the NFL combine there are absurd questions thrown at prospects by NFL teams, with the idea being that these questions very often reveal psychological details that might otherwise not be obvious. 

This one, however, is just weird. 

It's not just weird because it's a strange thing to ask a young man about God -- or whatever religious deity he worships -- and the college sports affiliation said deity might have. It's weird because Scarbrough, who includes #WWJD (What Would Jesus Do) in his Twitter profile, is an Alabama guy. In no scenario is he going to assign a negative attribute like being an Auburn fan to a religious higher power he worships.

Now, the counterpoint here is you could be testing Scarbrough -- if he goes off on a rant about how his higher power couldn't possibly be rooting for one particular team or gets really mad because you associated God with Auburn, maybe you find something out about the way his brain works. 

Weird questions are normal in this line of work, though. Last year we started hearing about prospects being asked whether they would prefer to be a dog or a cat and someone was recently asked what kind of tree they would be. 

(My armchair psychologist thought: the idea being that if you say you'd rather be a cat, you're not an ALPHA MALE, same as you saying that you would rather be a weeping willow tree instead of an oak or some such.) 

Problem: maybe the goal is to trick someone into saying they want to be some kind of mammal? Maybe the answer shark indicates you're a predator too. I don't know for sure. There is probably some kind of circular logic to justify this stuff.

But oftentimes the questions can go too far. Former Ohio State cornerback Eli Apple, later drafted in the first round by the Giants, was asked about his sexual orientation. Someone was asked if his mom is attractive.

Jaguars quarterback Blake Bortles was asked about his girlfriend when he was coming through the combine. Another prospect was asked about losing his virginity. And, rather famously, Dez Bryant was once asked if his mother was a prostitute, and it was not the greatest look in the world for the Miami Dolphins and then-GM Jeff Ireland.  

The Scarbrough thing definitely doesn't veer into that territory, but it is certainly a very weird question.