Kansas City Chiefs backup quarterback Chad Henne was the unlikely hero in his team's divisional round playoff game against the Cleveland Browns on Sunday. After the win, starting quarterback Patrick Mahomes, who left the game in the second half with a concussion, tweeted, "#HenneThingIsPossible" with a gif of Kevin Garnett yelling "Anything is possible" to celebrate the 35-year-old.

Henne has taken that idea and ran with it -- pun intended -- and created a "Hennething Is Possible" mini apparel line.

"Thanks to all who have reached out! Much appreciated. In any business or on any team, everyone knows it takes more than one person," Henne wrote on LinkedIn (yes ... LinkedIn!) "I thank my family, coaches, teammates, chiefs organization and the KC community for having confidence in me! Workers are the winners! Put the time in and enjoy the struggles! #HenneThingisPossible"

Here's a look at Henne's entire LinkedIn post:

Mahomes gave the apparel a boost on his own Twitter account, sharing the new shirts, sweatshirts and mugs with his 1.6 million followers.

BreakingT partnered with Henne to produce the gear, and according to their tweet, proceeds will benefit Mahomes' 15 and the Mahomies Foundation.

Henne's LinkedIn profile lists him as "Professional Athlete at Kansas City Chiefs" and says he has over 500 connections. He is rather active on the website, showing multiple likes of posts recently. Henne was almost in serious trouble in the game against the Browns when he threw what could have been a game-changing interception in the end zone, but more than made up for it by the end of the game.

On third-and-14 with two minutes left and a first down to put the game away, Henne mirrored the team's starting quarterback and took off for a 13-yard run, coming just short of the marker. Rather than punt on the Kansas City 48-yard line with a five-point lead, the Chiefs took a risk that paid off and resulted in game-sealing pass to Tyreek Hill on fourth down.

The Chiefs will host the Buffalo Bills in the AFC Championship with a trip to Super Bowl LV on the line on Sunday.