For the fifth time in the 2021 season the NFL reached a Scorigami, thanks to the Kansas City Chiefs' 48-9 win over the Las Vegas Raiders in Week 14. The tally was the 1,071st unique final score in the 102-year history of the league. 

The other Scorigamis in the league this year happened when the Rams beat the Giants, 38-11, in Week 6, followed by another one in Week 7 when the Cardinals beat the Texans, 31-5. The Colts were involved in two: beating the Jets 45-30 in Week 9 and the Bills 41-15 in Week 12. 

The five total Scorigamis are impressive, but far from the 12 achieved last season. Having more different final score combinations does make it harder to accomplish new ones. 

The Scorigami fans can thank the Chiefs' prolific offense for making this unique final score possible. Derrick Gore's 51-yard run with 7:19 helped produce Kansas City's 48 points. The Raiders scored their lone touchdown late in the third quarter and failed at converting the two-point attempt, resulting in their nine points.

Even if the Raiders had converted the two-point try, a Scorigami would have been in play. There has never been a 48-11 final score in NFL history, either. 

The idea of tracking every Scorigami was created by SB Nation writer Jon Bois and there's now a Twitter account with more than 285,000 followers that tracks each and every Scorigami. 

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