For most people, if someone wrote you a check for $1,000, you would probably make sure to cash that thing as soon as you possibly could. However, NFL players aren't most people, which is why the Kansas City Chiefs currently have an uncashed check for $1,238.11 on their books. 

The money belongs to former Chiefs running back Larry Johnson, who found out about the check this week when the team sent him a notification through the mail. As you'll see below in a picture that Johnson tweeted out, the twist here is that the check is from 2010, which means the Chiefs either have the slowest accounting department in the NFL or they really wanted to milk out the interest on that $1,238.11.  

I think we can all agree that this letter basically makes Johnson the poster child for why you should have direct deposit. If someone tells you direct deposit is bad, just send them Johnson's tweet and that should be enough to change their mind. 

That being said, it's easy to see why Johnson might have forgotten to cash the check, and that's because he had checks coming from three different teams in March 2010. After getting cut by the Chiefs in November 2009, Johnson latched on with the Bengals, where he ended up spending the final few games of the 2009 season. After his short stint with in Cincinnati, Johnson ended up signing with the Redskins on March 12, 2010, just five days before the Chiefs issued his $1,238.11 check. That sounds like a lot of checks and a lot of teams to keep up with. 

And now, this is the part where we tell you how much money Johnson could have made if he had cashed his missing check in 2010 and invested it all in Amazon. At $131.34 per share in March 2010, Johnson could have purchase roughly 9.2 shares, and if he would have done that, those shares would be worth $14,408 today.  

The good news here is that at least he didn't lose a game check worth $138,000, which is what happened to a Falcons player in 2016.