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With the New York Giants getting ready to play the Detroit Lions, Brian Daboll reflected on one of his first interactions with Dan Campbell. During his Wednesday press conference, Daboll told the story about when he interviewed Campbell for a job on the Miami Dolphins coaching staff.

In 2011, Daboll was the offensive coordinator under Dolphins head coach Tony Sparano, who suggested that Daboll interview Campbell for an assistant role. Daboll did just that, and it was an interview he will never forget. According to Daboll, Campbell was extremely intense, even to the point of slamming chairs and hitting walls.

"Tony said, 'Hey, I got this guy that I think will be good. Why don't we interview him? You take care of the interview.' So, I interviewed Dan," Daboll said. "It was a great interview. He's slamming chairs on the ground, hitting walls, and going through all these drills.

"You guys know him. He's a great person. Fantastic family. It was an entertaining interview. Knew a lot, obviously. He was very passionate. Tough as nails. You could tell. Heck, he was out of breath in half that interview with the stuff he was doing. Yeah, great guy."

Daboll also complimented Campbell for the effect he has had on the Lions since he took over in 2021.

"He's a tough guy," Daboll said. "Very smart. That's the way his team plays."

Daboll and Campbell will meet again on Sunday afternoon, when the Lions travel to MetLife Stadium with the Giants looking to improve to 8-2 in the 2022 season. Campbell's Lions will try to pick up some momentum with their fourth win of the year.