Bill Belichick can be a difficult person to understand. Sure, we understand him as a football coach. We know he's demanding, requires players to completely buy in to his way of running an organization, prioritizes his system over good players, isn't afraid to be aggressive with his in-game decisions, doesn't like taking days off, developed maybe the greatest quarterback of all time, has won five Super Bowls as the head coach of the Patriots, is a defensive mastermind -- and so on.

But understanding Belichick, the person, is a completely different animal.

Ask him a nerdy football question and he'll spew out a thousand words. On the other hand, he has no interest in talking about subjects unrelated to football. As a result, it's very difficult to understand him as a human being. He loves football. We know that. From there, we can only make guesses. He appears to enjoy napping on ferries, writing letters of support to Donald Trump, and running half marathons, but our knowledge of Human Belichick -- as opposed to Coach Belichicik - is limited. 

Maybe that's why I've decided to blog about his wardrobe on multiple occasions. 

A person's clothing can be revealing. I, for instance, like to wear Star Wars shirts and Brand New hoodies because I like Star Wars and Brand New. This offseason, Belichick went to the beach and wore some vacation attire, including those "toe shoes" things, a shirt that said some version of "Adapt or die" and a visor that read "VII Rings." That photo told us nothing really, because he literally wore his football ideology over his body.

And that brings us to what Belichick wore to the Hall of Fame enshrinement ceremony in Canton, where he surprised 2018 inductee (and his former player) Randy Moss.

At first glance, he appears to be dressed normally. That's a button-down shirt and some business casual pants. But scroll down to the bottom of the photo and oh my god, Bill Belichick wore flip-flops to the Hall of Fame enshrinement ceremony.

Twitter: Cris Carter

Only one question needs to be asked:

Well, that and ... So what does that tell us about Human Belichick? 

Unfortunately, not that much. We already knew he preferred a casual dressing style, evidenced by those beach shoes from this offseason. What this photo does tell us is that Belichick is not afraid to boldly wear sandals to an event with more than 130 Hall of Famers in attendance, an event that he knows is both televised and will also result in the taking of several photographs. What this does tell us is that Belichick actually has a little Jay Cutler "Don't Care" mentality embedded within in. 

Wearing flip flops to the Pro Football Hall of Fame for the class of 2018's enshrinement ceremony? Don't care.

In all honesty, what this does do is make Belichick a million times more relatable than he was just yesterday. There's really no way for people like me to relate to a seven-time Super Bowl champion. But wearing sandals to to a summer event? That's relatable as hell, if you can stomach enough courage to do such a thing.

And so, we've arrived at the point of this very pointless blog. We should all aspire to be as confident and as uncaring as Belichick. We should all aspire to wear flip-flops to monumental occasions. 

Hopefully in flop-flops.