A lot happened at the Patriots' Super Bowl parade on Tuesday. Rob Gronkowski did drunk stuff (for the fans). Folks mocked Roger Goodell. Tom Brady threw a football. Julian Edelman counted to five.

None of those moments should overshadow what Bill Belichick did.

When handed the microphone, the Patriots coach thanked the crowd, which braved the wintry conditions. He raised the trophy high into the air. He credited his players. And then he started the most Belichick chant ever.

"No days off! No days off! No days off!"

This quote comes to mind:

"As great as today is, in all honesty, we're five weeks behind 30 teams in the league in preparing for the 2017 season," Belichick said Monday morning at the Super Bowl MVP press conference.

The best part? The parade began on a Tuesday morning, which means the fans who showed up to celebrate with the Patriots definitely did not show up to work for the entire day, which means most of them took the day off or at least a portion of it, which means they all failed to meet Belichick's expectations, which means they're never going to earn his respect.

Belichick always wins.