If you spent your Tuesday night chugging beer and watching the NHL playoffs, then you'd fit right in with the Titans offense, because that's exactly what they did for the Predators game in Nashville. 

The Predators, who are in the Western Conference Finals for the first time in franchise history, decided to invite their NFL neighbors to Game 3 on Tuesday, and let's just say the Titans showed up ready to party. 

And by 'ready to party,' I mean they brought a giant catfish. 

That's solid party etiquette by Titans offensive lineman Ben Jones.  Showing up to a party without a catfish is almost as bad a showing up uninvited. 

Apparently, the catfish was the life of the party, because everyone wanted to hang out with him (or her, I can't tell what sex it is). 

Here's Titans offensive lineman Taylor Lewan going full Lion King with the catfish.

After they were done having fun with the catfish, that's when the real craziness started. 

Marcus Mariota started waving a towel, which I think was the signal for his teammates to chug as much beer as possible because that's exactly what happened. Based on the fact that there's no beer in his hand, I'm guessing Marcus was the designated driver.  

The best part of the chugging contest is that Lewan [on the far right] doesn't even put the can on his lips. 

He drank the beer like it was a waterfall from heaven going straight into his mouth. 

This probably isn't the first time Taylor Lewan has chugged a beer.  NBCSN

After the beer chugging, Quinton Spain decided to take the partying to the next level: He took his shirt off. 

Quinton Spain had a lot of fun at the Predators' game.  USATSI

Please notice that Spain is still holding his beer in the picture. If you've never been to a party with a catfish where people are taking their shirts off, then have you really been to a party? 

Anyway, the Predators ended up topping the Ducks 2-1, giving them a 2-1 lead in the series, which leaves them just two games away from their first ever appearance in the Stanley Cup Finals. 

Even Jeff Fisher can appreciate that.