The Martavis Bryant situation in Pittsburgh continues to unfold in awkward fashion, with the talented wide receiver being involved in trade chatter and rumors about what kind of role he's demanding moving forward. Bryant reportedly demanded a trade two weeks ago, but then circled back and denied those rumors. Ben Roethlisberger said he spoke with Bryant and the receiver was fine with how things were going.

On Monday, more reports about Bryant wanting "out" of Pittsburgh cropped up and now the receiver has confirmed those reports, telling ESPN's Josina Anderson he is worried about a "need to support [his] family." 

This whole situation is insane on a number of different levels.

For starters, the Steelers are rolling right now, coming off dominant wins over the Chiefs and Bengals. They are 5-2 and have an 81.7 percent chance of winning the AFC North according to the latest SportsLine playoff projections. If they can stop losing games to questionable teams, the Steelers stand a pretty good chance of securing the No. 1 seed in the AFC, already holding a tiebreaker victory over the Chiefs and staring down a Dec. 17 matchup against the Patriots

Secondly, Bryant is second on the Steelers in receiving yards with 234. He's far behind Antonio Brown (765) but getting mad about Roethlisberger looking Brown's way on a frequent basis is like getting mad at your wife for repeatedly saying how attractive some celebrity is; deal with the fact that you're playing second fiddle here. Bryant is third in targets, but, again, he's behind Brown and Le'Veon Bell. The latter point focuses on how important Bell is too -- the offense runs through him now. 

And finally, the Steelers stood by Bryant last year despite him serving a year-long suspension for failing drug tests. They had his back and kept him as part of the offense when he returned. He's a valuable piece and at some point they are going to need him going over the top on teams with a greater frequency. 

Bryant should play his role, let the Steelers win and be a good soldier. If he's part of an offense that goes on a deep playoff run, he is going to get paid regardless. If he complains about his role in the middle of 2017 and threatens to leave the team a year and a half from now, the only thing he is doing is making everyone's life more difficult. It's going to end poorly for him.