If the Cardinals decide to trade Josh Rosen, they might be able to turn the negotiations into a bidding war and that's because it appears there are multiple teams out there that are potentially interested in acquiring the former first-round pick. 

According to Joel Klatt of Fox Sports, there are three teams out there that are "very interested" in making a trade for Rosen and those three teams are the Patriots, Giants and Chargers. Klatt also added that one of those teams has already offered a second-round pick for the Cardinals quarterback, although he didn't specify which team has made the offer.  If the Cardinals end up selecting Kyler Murray with the first overall pick, it's almost a guarantee that Rosen will be shipped off somewhere. 

The fact that the Chargers, Patriots and Giants are all interested in Rosen definitely makes some sense and that's because all three teams will likely need to replace their starting quarterback within the next three years. 

On New England's end, one intriguing plot twist here is that the Patriots were reportedly interested in drafting Rosen last year. However, Rosen was long gone by the time the Patriots made their first selection with the 23rd overall pick (Rosen went 10th overall). 

If Rosen went to New England, he could sit behind Brady until Brady's ready to retire. Although it's starting to seem like Brady could end up playing forever, the fact of the matter is that he's going to be 42 at the start of the 2019 season and he's been insisting for a long time that he won't play past the age of 45, which means the Patriots need to get serious about finding his replacement. 

The good news for the Patriots is that they have the draft ammo to potentially pull off a trade with the Cardinals. Not only do the Patriots have two picks in the second round of NFL Draft this year, but they also have the 32nd overall selection, which could come into play if the Cardinals insist on some sort of deal that includes a first-round pick. 

As for the Giants, there have been rumors flying around all offseason that they'd potentially be interested in adding Rosen to eventually replace Eli Manning. On March 14, ESPN.com reported that the Giants would "explore a trade" for Rosen if he became available. More recently, SNY.tv reported this week that the Giants would be interested in Rosen, but they "have no idea if Rosen is, or ever will be, available."

The Cardinals have been so secretive about their plans that no one seems to know if they'll actually trade Rosen. At the NFL's annual meeting this week, Redskins coach Jay Gruden casually mentioned that he didn't think Rosen was available for a trade. 

As for the Chargers, their quarterback definitely doesn't want to be the next Brady, so his retirement could come at any time. During an interview back in August, Philip Rivers said he'd like to play at least one season in the Chargers new stadium, but there was no guarantee he'd keep playing after that. The new stadium is set to open in 2020, which means Rivers could be done after just two more seasons. 

The bottom line is that if the Cardinals do put Rosen on the trade market, there's going to be a lot of interested teams. Although he completed just 55 percent of his passes last season, he did that while playing behind one of the worst offensive lines in the NFL. Rosen's rookie season ended with 2,278 yards, 11 touchdowns and 14 interceptions.