The weekend is over and that means you're probably looking for a way to kill some time at work or school -- Mondays, am I right?! Well, it also means that it's time for our weekly installment of taking NFL player celebrations way too seriously with some full-on breakdowns!

Let's get to it.

Pregame speech of the week

Since we started off last week's celebration grades with an absolutely painful pregame speech courtesy of Jameis Winston, I figured we could balance the scales and start this week off with a very good pregame speech. This one comes via Minnesota Vikings defensive end Everson Griffen, who missed Sunday's game against the Redskins with a foot injury. Despite not dressing, Griffen was able to contribute by firing up his fellow defensive linemen with an impassioned pregame address in the tunnel. He didn't even have to shove any of his fingers in his mouth either! Take notes Jameis...this is how it's done.

Shake n' Bake

The Bears' Joshua Bellamy pulled this one out after reeling in a fourth quarter touchdown pass. Though not awful, it's underwhelming and his teammates weren't quite ready for it. Bellamy had to tell them to back off a little bit, then, once they figured out what was going on, they tried to join in and it was just a tad awkward. Overall, it was sloppy and poorly planned. 

Grade: D

Multisport stars

This was a big week for NFL players pretending to play other sports in the end zone. The Seahawks' Jimmy Graham enlisted help from his teammates so he could hit a home run in the end zone, and it was pretty well executed. Everybody seemed to know their role, Graham had good form and he even mixed in a bat flip. However, we've seen it done already this year and the timing made a lot more sense while the MLB playoffs were still ongoing. 

Grade: C-

Then, we had several Colts players getting to together for some quick fadeaway jumpers in Indy. This one has also been seen plenty of times,  but it happened in the Hoosier State and is at least of the in-season variety. 

Grade: C-

Chester Rogers steps up

The Colts' Chester Rogers capped off a big touchdown in the third quarter by emphatically Que Stepping in the end zone and it was pretty solid all around. He committed enough to sell it while still managing to keep it simple and quick, so he gets points for keeping it tight. 

Grade: B-

Golden Tate salutes to service

The speedy Lions wideout weaved through the Browns defense late in the fourth quarter to help seal the Detroit victory, and he showed some support for the military with his ensuing end zone celebration. After a quick little shoulder shimmy, Tate gave a four-directional salute to service. Was it the most polished celebration in the world? No, but if you're expecting me to criticize someone saluting the troops on Veteran's Day weekend, I've got bad news for you! 

Grade: B

Steelers defense gets photogenic

The Pittsburgh defense was ready for the spotlight after Ryan Shazier's interception in the second half. They kept it pretty tight with this team photo celebration -- Leonard Fournette was no where to be found again! -- and I enjoyed the variety of poses from both those in front of and behind the invisible camera. With that being said, I've got to deduct some points for an end zone celebration on a play that didn't finish in the end zone. (Shazier was downed at the 10-yard line.) 

Grade: B

Vikings play Leap Frog

Childhood game celebrations are all the rage in the NFL this year. We've already seen Duck, Duck, Goose, Hide and Seek, and a sack race be done. This weekend, it was the Vikings successfully pulling off a Leap Frog chain after a touchdown against the Redskins. It was a little sloppy in its execution but they score some big creativity points and managed to get several guys involved, so it was still a commendable effort. Hopscotch, you're officially on notice. 

Grade: B+

Steelers mock A.J. Green/Jalen Ramsey fight

One of the biggest storylines of last week's NFL action was the fight between A.J. Green and Jalen Ramsey that resulted in both players being ejected. Well, JuJu Smith-Schuster and Le'Veon Bell couldn't resist mocking Green -- a star receiver on a rival team -- by recreating the choke slam that got him in trouble. It wasn't the best performance in the world but it's such a great troll move that the execution can afford to be lacking. Celebrations that mock a specific person or thing will always hold a special place in my heart. 

Grade: A-

Lambo's soccer slide

Josh Lambo had himself a nice little Sunday when he got to kick the game-winning field goal in overtime against his old team. The Jaguars' kicker is also a former professional soccer player, and he decided to bust out a classic soccer celebration after sealing the W in the extra frame. It's always cool to see that kind of raw emotion in a celebration, and Lambo -- a former goalkeeper who likely didn't get to bust out a grand celebration very often -- relished the opportunity. 

Grade: A


OK, this one comes from the CFL so it doesn't technically qualify for the rankings, but it's so good we're willing to bend the rules here. Everybody cheats when it comes to limbo anyway, so why can't I cheat when it comes to including a limbo celebration? Anyway, shut it down...this one wins. Grade: A+